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20 Tips to Avoid Real Estate Scams in India

Are you aware of the increasing real estate scams that are targeting NRIs and other investors in India? The rapid growth of the real estate market in India has attracted both buyers and fraudsters alike. Property related scams are particularly deplorable since people often invest their entire life savings while buying a property and are [...]

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Consequences of Cheque Bounce Notice in India

Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of receiving a cheque bounce notice? The anticipation of funds clearing your account, only to find out that your given cheque has bounced, can be incredibly distressing. The feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that follow are understandable, especially if you were relying on that transaction going through in [...]

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Filing Claim Against The Property Developer

Buyers of real estate frequently face difficulties as a result of developer carelessness or breach of contract. These problems include incomplete projects, shoddy construction, and unfulfilled promises of amenities. Purchasers can suffer monetary losses, decreased security, and drawn-out legal disputes. Negligence on the part of developers can damage credibility, lower the value of a home, [...]

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Navigating Landlord Tenant Disputes For NRIs: Dispute Types & Eviction Suits

Owning property in India while residing abroad as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can be incredibly rewarding. However, the distance brings unique challenges, especially when it comes to managing landlord-tenant relationships. Disputes between landlords and tenants are unfortunately common, and NRIs can face additional complexities due to their physical absence. This article demystifies the legalities surrounding [...]

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How To Defend An Adverse Possession Claim?

In the realm of property laws in India, the doctrine of Adverse Possession is intricately woven into the fabric of The Limitation Law of 1963. Embodying the essence of time-bound legal principles, the Adverse Possession provision within the Limitation Act delineates that if, over a defined period, no appeal is initiated to challenge any limitation, [...]

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The Importance Of NRI Property Management Services

The realm of property management for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) unfolds as a complex tapestry, intertwining investments in Indian real estate, legal intricacies, and the challenges of long-distance oversight. It is within this intricate dance that NRI property management services emerge as indispensable allies, offering a nuanced solution to the distinct hurdles faced by those who [...]

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Legal Due Diligence Tips For NRI Property Buyers

Investing in real estate has long been considered a secure and profitable investment venture, especially for Non-Resident Indians (“NRIs”) seeking to establish roots or diversify their portfolios in India. However, the process of acquiring property in India involves extensive legal aspects that demand careful scrutiny of underlying details and documents. A legal due diligence (“LDD”) [...]

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The Importance Of Legal Representation In Property Disputes

Property disputes pertain to disputes that occur in the real estate industry. The parties involved in these disputed can be either the buyer or the seller of a particular property, or can be the landlord or the tenant. The most common reasons for these disputes include to name a few the issues related to the [...]

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Can A Succession Certificate Be Challenged?

In cases of intestate death, when an individual dies without having prepared a will, a question arises of how the successor will be correctly identified and authenticated. To resolve this issue, the Indian Succession Act of 1925 provides for a succession certificate in India, which authenticates a person’s right to inherit the securities of the [...]

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Understanding Succession Certificate Costs In India

When a person dies without having made a will (intestate), their possessions are passed on to their legal heirs. However, in such a situation, the Court must verify that the persons receiving such securities and debts of the deceased person are in fact their legal heirs. This is where the succession certificate comes in. It [...]

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