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Can Father Sell Property Without Consent of Son in India?

In India, the concept of coparcenary ownership applies to ancestral property. This means that sons and daughters inherit an equal share of ownership along with the father upon inheritance. Coparceners have the right to occupy, use, and enjoy the benefits of the property, and any decisions regarding its sale or disposition must involve the consent [...]

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Procedure for Registration of Will After Death in India

Have you ever found yourself in the overwhelming position of handling a loved one's affairs after their passing, particularly the management of their assets and Will? This process can be even more challenging for NRIs who have to manage the estate and Will from afar, adding stress and confusion to an already unfortunate situation. Moreover, [...]

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Can a Daughter Claim Father’s Property in India?

Certainly, a daughter can claim her rights in father’s property. As per the amendment made to Hindu Succession Act (HSA), a daughter has equal rights in her fathers property as of their sons. Inheritance laws clearly define who inherits what property. However, despite these laws, daughters often face challenges securing their rightful share compared to [...]

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Can an NRI Make a Will in India?

Yes, NRIs can make a will in India. With the help of a lawyer NRIs can draft a will that is legally sound in India. For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), estate planning often involves navigating legal issues across two countries. One crucial aspect is ensuring a clear and legal transfer of assets in India. Here's what [...]

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Documents Required for Transfer of Property in India

Are you planning to buy or sell property in India? Property transfers are supposed to pave the way for interesting social changes. But this enthusiasm can quickly turn to frustration in the face of the daunting task of navigating the legal process of transferring property in India. The process is even more difficult for NRIs, [...]

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Types of Property Fraud in India

“Last units selling out soon, hurry and book your dream home now!” We all have come across these lines over newspapers, radio, and websites. Flashy statements like these may be exciting to readers and listeners, however, their impact might not be equally delightful as it may turn out to be a cleverly disguised property fraud [...]

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Types of Wills in India

A will signifies the intentions and wishes of a person regarding the distribution of their wealth and assets after their lifetime and the person who writes a Will is referred to as a testator. In India, the execution of Wills is primarily governed by the Indian Succession Act, 1925 (“Act”) and the conditions which are [...]

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Procedure for Transfer of Property After Death in India

Navigating the intricacies of property transfer after death in India is a critical aspect of estate planning. When an individual passes away, the legal process involved in transferring their assets to heirs or beneficiaries is crucial for ensuring a seamless transition of ownership. The term "property transfer after death in India" encapsulates the legal framework [...]

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Documents Required for Will Registration in India

Making a will legally binding is crucial to safeguard against disputes. Legalizing a will adds a layer of authenticity, reducing the likelihood of challenges. It ensures that the testator's wishes are honored, minimizing family conflicts. A registered will provides a formal record, making it harder for disgruntled parties to contest or dispute its validity. This [...]

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Succession Certificate: Legal Requirements, Process & Documents

In India, a Succession Certificate is a legal document that certifies the legitimacy of an individual's heirs and their right to inherit the obligations and property of the deceased. In situations where a will is invalid, this certificate is essential because it permits legitimate heirs to inherit or transfer real estate, securities, and other assets. [...]

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