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NRI’s Guide to Partition of Property in India

Partition of property in India is the process of dividing one piece of land from another. This property division usually occurs among members of an undivided family. The Partition Act of 1893 grants the authority to individuals to claim their rights over their respective shares. In India, there are multiple laws governing the partition and [...]

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The Indian Transfer of Property Act: Key Concepts and Provisions

The Indian Transfer of Property Act, 1882, is a law that oversees the transfer of property in India. The Act was originally enacted during British rule and since then it remains a fundamental legal framework for overseeing the transfer of immovable property throughout India. The Act classifies different types of transfer of property, including [...]

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Comprehensive Guide on NRI Real Estate Investment in India

Investing in real estate by Non-Resident Indians (“NRIs”) in their domicile country can be a rewarding endeavour for them in terms of finances as well as in terms of serving as a connection to their roots. If we consider the statistics, as per the India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF” a trust formed by the [...]

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Difference Between Legal Heir Certificate and Succession Certificate

A Legal Heir Certificate and a Succession Certificate are both fundamental legal documents used in matters pertaining to inheritance and estate settlements. These certificates serve distinct purposes in verifying the rightful heirs of a deceased individual and ensuring the lawful transfer of assets and properties. What is a Succession Certificate? A Succession Certificate is [...]

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NRI’s Guide to Legal Documents Required for Succession Certificate in India

Succession refers to the process by which assets and liabilities of a deceased individual are transferred to their successors. A Succession Certificate is a crucial legal document which effectively certifies the individual who is the rightful inheritor of the assets and debts left behind by a deceased individual who dies intestate, including assets such [...]

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The Role of Legal Consultants: Why NRIs Need Professional Assistance in India

In an increasingly interconnected and competitive world, the aspirations and ventures of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) stretch across borders, encompassing opportunities that bridge continents. As NRIs endeavor to navigate the dynamic and challenging landscape of their home country, India, they often encounter a complex web of legal complexities that demand expert legal guidance. In this [...]

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